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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Katie's Mexican quiche

 I was watching the Food Network as usual and the chef was making a quiche.  Instant inspiration came over me.  I thought, I have eggs and a deep dish pie crust in my freezer. I should make a quiche.  Then I started looking at what I had in my pantry.  The usual black beans popped out at me and I quickly put together a Mexican quiche recipe in my head.  I had some fresh green onions, this amazing Vidalia onion salsa that you find only in the refrigerated section, some sharp cheese, and sour cream on top.  So I looked online to figure out how many eggs I would need.  4 eggs and all the above ingredients mixed together later, cooked at 350F for 45 minutes, and I had a delicious Mexican quiche.  My husband LOVED it! Oh, also I had a box of Mexican rice in my pantry that I whipped up to go with this entrée.  I love when I use random ingredients in my frig and pantry and it turns out delicious!  Thank you Food Network for inspiration!

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