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Monday, September 30, 2013

So you think you can't afford ORGANIC meat, but you can afford fast food....

I was recently talking with a friend of mine and she was telling me about her diet.  She said, "I only eat at Chick-fil-A occasionally, but no other fast food or out to eats".  As we continued discussing her other habits, I mentioned buying fresh wild fish to add to her weekly routine.  Her reaction was, "oh that is too expensive, it's at least $9/lb".  While this is true, I began to think about these two opposing views, fast food being an ok choice, and fresh fish being a too expensive choice.  So I've decided to do some investigating on the cost of eating fast food because there is absolutely not one person I know who does not eat some form of fast food.  My family has completely given up fast food and for about three weeks now we have not eaten out at all.  I'm extremely pleased with the outcomes.  My motivation comes mainly from the results of eating out even at "nice" places.  Each time we would dare to eat out, I would literally feel sick after wards and all night.  It seemed worth it for the luxury of not having to cook or clean, but now I've decided it's just not worth it.  The cleaner you eat the cleaner you will want to eat! Ok, back to my fast food findings. This will knock your socks OFF!!!

These are my motivating factors!!

I actually called McDonalds and Chickfil-A to confirm prices and serving sizes!1/2 lb hamburger from

McDonalds = $4.69,  this translates to you are paying $8/lb* in beef!!

Organic beef at Costco (not 100% grass fed, but close) = $4.50/lb

Harry's 100% Grass fed beef = $8.99/lb

*I chose the 1/2lb hamburger because that is supposed to be the best "value" item on the McDonald's list.  To be fair and super generous in my calculations I subtracted .69 for the bread and condiments which leaves $4 for a half pound of meat, double that to figure you are paying $8/lb of meat.  Meat is the most expensive items at any restaurant, not that cheap GMO bread or lettuce and tomato.


Chickfil-A Sanwhich = $3.16, at 5oz of meat this translates to you are paying $9/lb-$10/lb* for chicken
Chickfil-A Nuggets 12 count = $4.25, at 6oz this equals $11/lb for chicken

Organic chicken at Costco = $2.50/lb for a whole bird or $6/lb for a package of breasts

*I called a sweet lady at Chickfil-A and had her weigh a piece of chicken out for me that they use on the Chickfil-A sandwich.  She could not find the amount otherwise.  She told me it was 5.1oz but their regulations were between 4-5oz of meat.  So it's not a perfect number on each sandwich, so I went with the most generous portion which would be 5oz for my calculations.  There are 16oz in a pound.  5oz X 3.2 = 16 oz = lb.   $3.16x3.2 =$10.  I'm saying between $9-$10 for the purpose of not knowing if you get a 4oz portion or a 5oz, you pay the same thing, but some people would argue the bun, butter, and pickle should be worth something so I'll give a range amount here.  You get the point though!

 Let's say the average person goes to eat fast food twice per week due to time issues and conveince.  They would be spending just as much on their dinner as the health guru buying fresh fish and organic beef/chicken at Whole Foods or Costco!  Well you say, that is only twice per week, the other times I'm spending way less.  Not true if you buy the organic meat at Costco.  Please don't buy cheap meat from factory farms.  Have you seen the movie Food Inc?!!!  I really don't think you can beat those Costco ORGANIC prices unless you buy a half cow and have a mega freezer.  So I hope I've sold you on the idea that if you can afford fast food, then you can afford organic meat!  I hope you consider changing over to eating zero fast food and all organic meats, eggs, and any dairy products.  Those are the most expensive ones to start with and in fact the most important.  Keep following me on here for recipes that are fast and easy!  In the mean time, throw an organic hamburger patty or piece of fresh fish in a pan and in the amount of time it takes you to go through a drive through, you can have a way healthier dinner!

My grill with some fresh fish! I seriously buy it, put it in a zip lock bag with some olive oil, fresh lemon juice and minced garlic and sea salt.  Then let it sit in the bag for about the time it takes to heat the grill up, throw it on and in 10 minutes you have the most delicious mouth watering fish ever!! So easy!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easy Roasted Whole Chicken and Why eat ORGANIC.

(before I put it in the oven)

One whole organic chicken (Costco has these in two packs, Whole Foods, or farmers market), rinsed and pat dry
sea salt and any spices you like, ex italian seasonings, always organic
carrots, celery, red potatoes, organic again
olive oil organic

1. Rub chicken in olive oil or you could also rub melted organic butter
2. grease your glass pan with organic palm oil or olive oil
3. lay your veggies in the bottom to create a nice bed for the chicken to rest on
4. put oiled and spiced up chicken on top and place in the oven at 425F for 1.5-2hours
Enjoy a whole meal!

Why stress organic eating? Because it's chemical and junk free, or mostly the best we can get in the age we are living in.  Our great-grandparents or some of you your grandparents lived on farms in small communities and had access to fresh organic food all the time.  There was no need to have these labels. Now there is big business in selling food products with a bunch of scary chemicals and altered ingredients.  Some people say, "I'll be fine eating those chemicals, that's why the government allows them on the shelves at grocery stores." Some even use phrases like, "all in moderation."  I'd like the address these statements at the root which is FEAR!! Fear to change, a LOT of people fear someone like me would want them to not enjoy eating at all and take away all their yumminess.  That is not true at all.  I believe when God promised the Israelites a new land flowing with "milk and honey." He knew they would understand those ingredients as delicious.  God wants us to enjoy eating way more than big businesses who make cereals, chips, cookies, and candies do. I'll show you how this is possible.  Then you might say, well I cannot afford this type of organic eating.  Well I'm excited to tell you, YES YOU CAN! With a little re-prioritization and effort, you too can eat organic and healthy and feel the difference.  I'll be working on a blog post to come on this topic of $$$ and eating well!  I cannot wait to reveal to you my findings :-)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quick Black bean, Goat Cheese, and Rice Lunch

This is a quick vegetarian meal that I LOVE!  While being off dairy for about 4 months is not an easy task, I am allowing myself a few dairy treats here and there.  Goat cheese is one of them, mainly because you can use such a tiny amount for an amazing flavor impact.  The black beans were bought from Cultures for Health, they are dry, sprouted and organic.  Because they are dry, you have to soak them overnight, then boil them for about 3 hours or in a crock pot for a lot longer, about 6 hours.  They are absolutely more tasteful than the conventional canned beans and you may not believe me until you order, soak and try! Make a big batch of beans and rice, then have this a few times a week for lunch or dinner. I told my husband this is my upgraded version of a Moe's burrito bowl and he much preferred mine!

1/2 cup black beans, sprouted, soaked, then cooked
1/2 cup white rice, organic (I really prefer the taste of white over brown rice)
1/2 corn, I just boiled a cob of fresh white corn for 5 min, then cut it off
salsa, Kirkland (costco) makes a great organic salsa
goat cheese crumbles, as much as you like
other ingredients you could add, guacamole, corn chips, cilantro, fresh tomato