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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hitting a rut

I'm in such a food rut.  Can you relate?  It's the same thing for breakfast everyday (oatmeal with dates and pecans), then lunch (soup or sandwich), then dinner (random).  Sometimes I just cannot seem to think of anything new or be motivated to try anything new.  I think it's mostly a time factor in my life right now.  My 4 month old baby takes up lots of time, then I want to spend my free time with my husband.  Not to mention the thousands of loads of laundry, cleaning, dish loading, etc...  I don't think ruts are bad as long as they are healthy.  In college, I think I ate a tuna sandwich literally everyday.  I probably have some mercury left over from those 4 years.  Then again, I hope my Dr. Natura detox pulled it all out.
My husband just finished reading Dr. Barnard's book, Breaking The Food Seduction.  This has been so fun for me to hear his comments.  He remembers details like no one I know.  Probably one reason he is able to be a doctor.  So the other night, he suggested we go out to eat to a local Mexican restaurant.  Of course, I was excited not to have to clean or think of anything to cook.  Then he actually surprised me by ordering a bean burrito instead of his usual meat fajita!  I got one too, and we commented on how much better we felt when we decrease our meat consumption.  I love how he is becoming more aware of food, labels, and how they make him feel.
So today, I'll probably have my left over bean soup that I've been making in huge batches, freezing, then defrosting/cooking.   Oh and my newest addiction is Ezekiel english muffins.  They are so delicious, low in sodium, have lots of fiber and protein too.  I do put some salted organic butter on top and toast them.  I promise, I would rather have this any day over a biscuit, or any other yummy bread.  Sadly, only whole foods carries them.  So I trek down there, buy 4 packages in the freezer section at a time, then ration them out to myself.  My rut continues, but I'll keep you posted on any new horizons.

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