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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Best Protein Powder I can find! Processing matters!

This is the whey protein powder I just ordered 1lb= $44. Not cheap, but that's the point, high quality is not cheap.  This is because they do not use genetically modified ingredients, such as beet sugar, fructose from corn sugars, that are mass produced driving the costs down.  Also, producing mass quantities of whey protein (this comes from cow's milk) in those horrible factory farms is completely irresponsible, but hey, you can then buy it cheap, right.  So that's what I'm advocating here, quality.   I'm excited about this whey because from what I've been researching on the internet, this may be the BEST, HIGHEST quality there is out there. So far anyways.  Here's the link

This company has formulated a whey protein that is from 100% grass fed cows, and I think one of the most important aspects is the "cold pressed" processing of the protein.  They call it TruCool(TM)  processing which is very exciting.  From my biochemistry classes we learned that when you heat a protein, the heat actually denatures it.  This can change the protein's form causing your body to be unable to process it as easily and quickly.  It just makes sense that you would want your whey protein in the most original form as God made it in the cow.

This is the company.  GOOD STUFF!!!

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