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Friday, August 9, 2013

Welcome back! The new and improved!

Wow, I've not written in over a year! That's what having two babies back to back and nursing will do to a Mama of two girls.  I recently went gluten free at the beginning of this year and it has CHANGED my life.  I have more mental focus and clarity.  A fellow gluten-free friend said it best, I thought I was ADD/ADHD until I took gluten out of my diet.  That was me, always hard to focus, sleepy a lot, but I thought it was all due to nursing and having babies.  Well, it was, but when I took out gluten, I gained energy and my mind feels so clear.  It's hard to explain to anyone who has not experienced the conversion, so just take my word for it, it's worth a try.  At first it was super hard and the usual thoughts of "what can I eat" or "how can I have pizza again" kept badgering my mind.  It took months and months to get over all that and try every frozen gluten free item in the freezer section at kroger, publix, and whole foods.  Only to end up feeling not so great after the frozen choices and realizing, maybe I'll stick with cooking the basics like rice and potatoes.  Wow, have I learned a LOT over this past year and I'm excited to share and have somewhere to keep track of it all.  My latest favorite muffin recipe at the moment is: (yes I created this on my own) Grain free, gluten free, dairy free, no refined sugar date&pecan muffins.

You have to have a high speed blender for this to work right. I have a blendtec but vitamix would work too.

Preheat oven to 350F. I love convection for baking so that's what I use.

Into your high speed blender add:

4 eggs, pastured please
1 cup dates pitted
*blend these for about 30 seconds on low speed until dates are dissolved

- 1 cup garbonzo bean flour (I buy sprouted garbonzo bean flour from Cultures for Health)
- a splash of vanilla extract (I try to skip measuring as much as possible)
-1/3c unsweetened almond milk or more depending on thickness desired
- two handfuls of pecans or walnuts
-1/4 tsp salt (yes, I use Himalayan pink salt only because I have the pink stuff from the Indian food store and love it, something feels better about it been exotic).
*blend for another 15 seconds or until nuts are chopped finely

-1 teaspoon baking soda
-2 teaspoon arrowroot powder
-2 teaspoon cream of tartar
*blend again to mix (you could use 1/2 tsp baking powder, but a friend of mine taught me this concoction is better for gluten and corn sensitive people).

*you could add frozen or fresh blueberries to this recipe for an extra yummy factor. I did and it's amazing! Freeze the left-overs and put them in the frig at night for the morning breakfast rush!

Pour into 12 medium muffins or 24 mini muffins as I have shown here, they rise a lot, so fill about 2/3 full. Bake at 350F convection for around 18 minutes or until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.

This makes about 12 medium muffins, but 24 littles ones are better.

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