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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kale Pancakes

So I'm staring in my refrigerator, starving, thinking that I should make something with this kale, but all I want to eat right now is pancakes. For any one who does not know what kale is, it is a leafy green vegetable that is loaded with nutrients.  I bought mine organic at Whole Foods. You want to take out the vein parts too.  Then I thought, why not chop up a few kale leaves in my pancake mix.  This way I get a serving or two of vegetables while still having my delicious pancakes.  Now, I don't put syrup on my pancakes because it would be kind of gross with the kale and I'm still on my sugar fast.  I believe the key to these pancakes tasting really good is to use a high quality yummy pancake mix like the one I love, Pamela's pancake and waffle mix.  At first I thought I would use my buckwheat mix, but that could be too much of a good thing all in one.  I recommend using the buckwheat pancake mix with blueberries or apples chopped up for a sweeter flavor.  Then after I tasted my kale pancakes, I decided I would use some left over mashed sweet potatoes along with the rest of the kale in the next batch.  I love taking a loved item, like pancakes, and mixing in something healthy!

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