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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My daily vitamins


  1. Can you please explain why you chose these vitamins/ these brands? and is the large 'New Chapter' a multi-vitamin? Would you recommend this group of vitamins to any woman and do you take a prenatal while nursing?

  2. Great questions Shannon! I chose the New Chapter Organic brand because the vitamins are made from whole foods that are organic. I believe there are aspects of food that we have no idea about. For example, we are just now learning about the vast array of functions that vitamin D does in the body like supporting the immune system and building bones. This makes me think there are other ways organic vegetables and fruits work synergistically in our bodies that we do not even know about.
    2500mcg Biotin - A few years ago, I began noticing my finger nails were not growing and literally peeling off at the tips. So I asked Aunt Diana, a dermatologist for over 40 years, what I should take. She recommended biotin 2500 mcg once per day. She told me they give biotin to horses in large amounts to help with their hooves and mane. So after a few months of taking biotin, I noticed my nails growing wonderfully. I also got pregnant. This could be a coincidence, but sometimes I think the biotin helped because maybe my body needed more.
    I read that the costco fish oil was a decent quality and price. There are so many benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, everyone should take fish oil.
    The New Chapter Organics has a prenatal that I'm currently taking. I would recommend every woman take the New Chapter Organics "Everywoman". I was taking this line before becoming pregnant, then switched over to the prenatal line during pregnancy. I took all these vitamins while pregnant too!

  3. Thank you! I must say that I am loving my organic whole foods based prenatal. It makes me feel good compared to the normal prenatal that makes me feel very sick to my stomach. I'll have to go back to taking biotin and get an omega-3 vitamin.