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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Split pea soup and herb tubes.

Last night I made split pea soup.  It's so easy to make this soup without breaking out a can.  Just buy a bag of split peas (Whole Foods has organic for so cheap), follow the directions on the package, which tells you how much water to add and how long to boil them.  Then add a few ingredients.  I simmered mine for over an hour because I like them soft.  I also cut up half a bag of baby carrots into small chunks and added that in too.  A little mined garlic and parsley flakes adds a nice touch of flavor.  Oh, and I tried throwing in some garlic salt which gave the soup a different taste than regular salt.  This is one of those few veggie type meals that my husband will eat.  I'm working on learning how to prepare various vegetables that do not make his face churn.

Have you seen the "fresh herb" tubes in the refrigerated herb section at the grocery store.  My husband came home with one of these when he could not find the actual herb, parsley, and I love it.  I know it's not as fresh as a piece of parsley, but it sure tastes close to me.  Although in the long run, I'd recommend buying the bunch of whatever you are cooking because the cost of this herb tube is no joke.  Once I get my chef's knife, and I cannot wait, I feel like I'll be more motivated to chop herbs.  Have you ever watched the food network and admired how they just chop everything up so perfectly?  Well, I think it all starts with having the right tools (knife and cutting board).  I'm just realizing this.  So I went to Sur La Table at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody, and they let me try different knives.  They even have a cutting board with carrots that you can practice on with German or Asian knives.  I prefer the German, mainly because I like German manufactures.  The sales associate informed me that it's all about how the knife feels in your hand.  Also, I never knew the reason chef's always cut on wooden cutting boards is because they need a softer surface than their knife.  It some how protects the knife blade when the surface is soft, like wood.  So interesting to me.  I took a picture with my iphone of the knife I want and will make sure my hubby sees it before Valentines Day.

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