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Monday, February 7, 2011

Easy to make mexican pie: a great vegetarian option.

I'm so into making vegetarian dishes, but sometimes it's hard to think of quick easy meals with lots of protein and fiber.  Well, this is an easy one for sure.  Just buy some black beans (I bought Bush's Black bean fiesta because it already has spices, peppers, and corn), tortillas (I'm just trying these Ezekiel ones today), and a little cheese.  I used a pie pan, layered the tortillas, beans, and cheese for a total of two layers of beans. Then cook it in the oven at 350F for about 15 minutes.  I came up with this easy alternative from a recipe in a vegan cookbook.  I think it tastes better when you buy the veggies and cut them up fresh for this dish, but if you are strapped for time, then try the Bush's black bean fiesta.   I'm not ready for the vegan's cheese alternative, soy cheese, so I just modify the original recipe with sharp cheddar cheese (organic is best).  Maybe one day I'll give up the very addicting cheese habit, but not yet.  Did you know that scientists have found morphine in cheese, no wonder it's addicting.   So for now, I'll give up having meat everyday.  It was interesting to see how much lower our food bill for the week was when my husband and I gave up meat for a week.  Plus, I feel like my stomach feels better when I eat beans and veggies versus meat and a starch.  So my challenge to you is to explore some veggie night options.  Skip that chicken breast and try a bean dish.  There are so many and you might just find yourselves a lot more full and satisfied.

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  1. Enjoyed the mexican pie tonight..thanks for the ideas! Keep 'em coming!!