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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Garlic cream Ezekiel pasta ingredients.

This is seriously delicious and my husband actually said "I think this is the best thing you have ever cooked for me."  Now, this is no super healthy low calorie meal, but at the same time it's so worth the yumminess.  I love taking something like Ezekiel pasta which is incredibly healthy (tons of fiber and protein per oz serving) and putting it in a cream sauce to make it super tasty.  A side note on Ezekiel brands, they are wonderful, but sometimes hard to swallow without the right mix of things.   I've also discovered the Ezekiel english muffins.  These are to die for with some butter on top toasted.  Ok, back to how I made the garlic cream sauce.  I just googled garlic cream sauces and found a simple one to get the ratio of garlic: butter: heavy cream.  Have you ever wondered why restaurant pasta sauces taste so good?  Well, it's because they use heavy cream in them!  When I worked at California Pizza Kitchen, I saw this first hand.  So even though cream is super fatty, used in moderation, it's just fine.  Plus, it has zero sugar and very low salt.  I used two tablespoons of heavy cream in my single serving of garlic cream sauce.  This along with a half tablespoon of butter and 1/4 tsp of minced garlic simmered in olive oil in a pan, and there you have it.  Instant garlic cream sauce! Plus, you know I used all organic ingredients that made me feel so lovely on the inside.  Oh, and I chopped up a tomato and threw it into the simmering sauce for a few minutes just to heat it up too. One last note, add the cooked pasta into the dish after the sauce is simmering.  Stir it around in the simmering sauce, then add the tomatoes.  I'm really just not into cutting calories these days.  Honestly, I'm mostly thinking how can I cook something that will actually fill me up for more than a few hours.  Maybe this is partly because I eat healthy choices to begin with that are low in calories.  Then again, it could be because I'm breast feeding which burns a lot too.  Either way, I'm breaking out my butter and heavy cream and enjoying it!

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