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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My first real chef knife and cutting board.

Thank you hubby for a perfect Valentine!  Now that I have opened this knife and used it on my cutting board, I feel like a real chef.  Well, at least a wanna be one.  I'm also thinking, how could I have lived this long without knowing how awesome a great knife can be.  It's like when people tell you about something great, and you think, well yeah, but then you try it for yourself and it blows you away.  That is what happened when I used this knife to cut my first tomato.  It cut through it like it was nothing.  I was in my happy fun place.  Now when I watch the food network cooking shows, I really look at each vegetable and how they cut it.  Cooking is an art and I want to learn every detail.

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  1. cool! what a great gift. somebody was listening :)