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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quick Black bean, Goat Cheese, and Rice Lunch

This is a quick vegetarian meal that I LOVE!  While being off dairy for about 4 months is not an easy task, I am allowing myself a few dairy treats here and there.  Goat cheese is one of them, mainly because you can use such a tiny amount for an amazing flavor impact.  The black beans were bought from Cultures for Health, they are dry, sprouted and organic.  Because they are dry, you have to soak them overnight, then boil them for about 3 hours or in a crock pot for a lot longer, about 6 hours.  They are absolutely more tasteful than the conventional canned beans and you may not believe me until you order, soak and try! Make a big batch of beans and rice, then have this a few times a week for lunch or dinner. I told my husband this is my upgraded version of a Moe's burrito bowl and he much preferred mine!

1/2 cup black beans, sprouted, soaked, then cooked
1/2 cup white rice, organic (I really prefer the taste of white over brown rice)
1/2 corn, I just boiled a cob of fresh white corn for 5 min, then cut it off
salsa, Kirkland (costco) makes a great organic salsa
goat cheese crumbles, as much as you like
other ingredients you could add, guacamole, corn chips, cilantro, fresh tomato

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  1. Sounds yummy! When you have a chance, I would love a tutorial on sprouting legumes. Does that just mean you soak them in water first? Also, you probably don't want another kitchen appliance, but a pressure cooker works wonders on dry beans. It cuts the cooking time down to about 30-60 minutes, depending on the bean.